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College of Medicine and Dentistry

Established in 2018, we are one of the few private education providers offering a wide range of training programmes for the dental team and all healthcare professionals.  Working across a blended learning concept, we aim to reach out to all aspiring individuals to improve their knowledge and skills.  Our collaboration with Ulster University enables us to offer a wide range of career progression opportunities.


Having grown to a multi-national alumni and student body of over 200 graduates, the CoMD traces its beginnings within the BPP University School of Health, which in 2013 became the first private university in the UK to deliver postgraduate clinical dentistry programmes, starting with a class of 25 students.

The CoMD has since been established as an independent college in 2018, working with the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland) and is continuing its drive and vision to become a leading independent research and innovation institution committed to excellence in healthcare education and training.


With a 7,600 sqft campus in central Birmingham comprising of a state-of-the-art simulation centre and clinical facilities, alongside an outreach centre, the CoMD is focussed on its mission to deliver progressive healthcare patient care and education, alongside its collaborative research and teaching facilities.

Student Centred Education

Our world-class faculty and clinical staff are committed to ensuring our students are provided with the assistance, resources and services needed to help complete their healthcare education with the skills and knowledge to practice as highly competent clinicians, healthcare professionals and educationalists, with a commitment to high-quality and specialised patient care.

Welcome from the Dean

College of medicine and dentistryIt is my great pleasure to introduce you to the College of Medicine & Dentistry, formerly BPP University Dental Institute which we established in 2013, and is now the UK’s first private college delivering clinical postgraduate dental education.

With a state-of-the-art campus and clinic located in the UK’s second-largest city, Birmingham, we have established ourselves over the years as a premier dental education provider, having welcomed over 200 UK and international postgraduate and diploma students.

Our multinational and renowned faculty are focused on offering specialised programmes based on the latest research, including various digital dentistry techniques. As a result, we have become a recognised front-runner in offering quality and flexible education in the clinical areas of postgraduate dentistry, thanks to our pioneering faculty and contemporary approach.

As Dean, one of my roles is to challenge, encourage, and support our faculty and students in their pursuit of innovation across our specialist fields. New initiatives are always on the horizon as we look to broaden our educational opportunities, expand on research initiatives, and make a larger impact through our outreach efforts.

With outstanding resources, teaching in both clinical and simulated settings, we prepare graduates to be highly competent and skilled professionals. Our graduates progress to not only becoming excellent clinicians, but also leaders in their profession; equipped with focused clinical skills and multidisciplinary knowledge.

I welcome you to join us as we embark on a new era of dentistry education, developing innovative and ground-breaking strategies for the improvement and delivery of oral healthcare.

Professor Maher Almasri

Dean, College of Medicine and Dentistry


Uncompromised Excellence

Deliver excellence in medical and dental education through pre-eminence in creating, communicating, preserving and applying knowledge, and academic values.


Provide innovative techniques for clinically oriented education, student led and focused on outcomes.

Developing Clinical Leaders

Develop leaders within the profession who will challenge the present and enrich the future.

The College of Medicine and Dentistry values the importance of the highest academic and professional standards and our quality assurance and enhancement processes seek to support consistently excellent quality within teaching, learning, and the student experience.

The Academic Quality department within CoMD has the responsibility to set out the mechanisms for internal quality assurance, standards and enhancement procedures and to ensure that these procedures are designed to meet the expectations of external quality assurance mechanisms.

External Quality Assurance

The designated body for External Quality Assurance in the UK is the QAA, which develops and maintains key documents that are used by higher education providers to help them meet UK expectations about standards and quality.

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education, produced by QAA, is used to assure the standards and quality of education and is used by the CoMD to develop the internal quality assurance tools. It presents a series of reference points to help providers offer their students a high-quality experience and was revised in November 2018.

In addition, the CoMD sets its programmes in line with relevant external bodies and statutory and regulatory organisations to ensure that we align with best sector practice for quality assurance and enhancement.

Internal Quality Assurance

Student Assessment and Feedback

New programmes are considered for approval with the aim of developing and designing courses effectively, creating unique and market-attractive programmes while ensuring creativity and innovation.

This process involves multiple stages including review by Board of Directors and Academic Council.

The admission criteria are set to select the students who are capable of meeting the required standard of the course. We ensure that we have a reliable, fair and inclusive admissions system and that all students are provided with the support that they need to succeed from admission through to completion.

Programme Development and Approval

Assessments for each award are rigorously set and standardised. This enables student achievement to be measured reliably, fairly and transparently.

We use external examiners for independent confirmation that out processes have been applied appropriately, and ensure qualifications have been awarded equitably.

We regularly review and enhance our assessment policies, procedures and processes as they relate to standards to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

Student Engagement

Student engagement is integral to our programmes and we promote a range of opportunities to provide this. This includes student feedbacks achieved via online surveys, where students have the opportunity to provide feedback on learning and teaching, programme delivery and assessments. In addition, Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings which are held after every module, offer a platform for effective communication between students and staff and encourage an open discussion.

Learning and Teaching

We ensure provision of effective learning and high-quality teaching to the students that include latest knowledge and techniques at cutting-edge of the practice.

The learning facilities and resources are accessible and relevant to students’ development of their knowledge and skills and our faculty includes highly respected professionals recognised world-wide for their practices.

College of medicine and dentistry
Learning and Teaching

The College of Medicine and Dentistry follows a unicameral model of governance and it is governed by a single body responsible for both academic and administrative matters. The governing body of the College is the Board of Directors (“BoD”). The BoD determines the academic priorities and is responsible for the quality of service that the CoMD offers to students, as well as its annual budget and strategic direction.

The College uses an approach based on “shared governance” in managing the institution wherein the decision making responsibility is shared among those affected by the decision; these include the staff, students, faculty and investors.

The BoD is diverse, experienced and engaged; the BoD meets at least four times a year and also has a strategic away day.

The College Committees: Operational Management Committee

The purpose of the Operational Management Committee is to:

  • Advise and support the Clinical Director and Dental Hospital Manager in the operational management of the College, under the direction of the CEO;
  • Facilitate effective co-ordination and communication between all activities so that the operational effectiveness of the College is maximised;
  • Make recommendations to the BoD that assist the College to meet its strategic objectives in supporting academic and clinical staff to maximise the time available for research, learning and knowledge transfer activities; and
  • Manage the property and services in the Dental Hospital.
Teaching, Learning & Enhancement Committee (TLEC)

This committee is responsible for advising the BoD on the overall academic performance of the College.

The committee makes recommendations and provides reports and data that monitor the quality of teaching and learning at the College.

The committee will also communicate and liaise with the academic deans and the relevant departments of the validating institutions for all academic affairs.

Clinical Affairs Committee

The Clinical Affairs Committee is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and improvement of good clinical practice, clinical compliance, and the provision and delivery of high quality services for patients attending the clinical premises.

The committee also reviews the clinical requirements of the educational programmes in the College, in order to ensure a smooth process of clinical training within the programmes learning outcomes.

Finance Committee

The main responsibility of this committee is to advise the BoD on all aspects of its finances, and the College financial operations (e.g. annual budgets, income statement, cashflow and any requirement of capital expenditure).

The committee also makes recommendations as to the College investments and borrowings, and provides a review of financial regulations.

The committee will meet monthly to review management accounts, key performance indicators and forecasts and will sign off annual accounts.

Relationship with BPP University

BPP University has entered into an agreement with the College of Medicine and Dentistry under which BPP University has subcontracted the delivery of the learning, teaching and assessment of BPP University’s MClinDent programmes to the College of Medicine and Dentistry.

Students enrolled till January 2019 remain students of BPP University, which remains responsible for all aspects of the programmes. BPP University has retained management of external examination, exam boards and the granting and certification of awards.

BPP University and the College of Medicine and Dentistry remain closely aligned, with BPP University retaining oversight of learning, teaching and assessment of its awards through the College of Medicine and Dentistry attending and submitting papers (including staff-student liaison committee minutes and annual programme monitoring reports) to BPP University’s School of Health Board. The MClinDent programmes continue to be considered in key BPP University committees, including the Academic Council.

Students remain a part of the BPP University academic community with access to its VLE, IT, library, careers, inclusion and learning support, mitigating circumstances and complaints and appeals processes.

The relationship between BPP University and the College of Dentistry is managed by the Dean of Academic Quality at BPP University and the Dean and CEO of the College of Medicine and Dentistry who ensure that there is adequate oversight of the arrangement and that academic standards are maintained.

College of medicine and dentistry
College of medicine and dentistry

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