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Dr Libby Pearson


Dr Pearson gained a PhD from the University of Manchester (UMIST) jointly sponsored by Akzo Nobel and Zeneca and went on to work for as global technologist in Akzo’s chemical division. She was awarded a triple accredited MBA from the OU in 2018 supporting commercial experience in her portfolio.

Dr Pearson brings a wide RANGE of experience to COMD that supports the College in her role as Registrar and as part of the COMD strategic leadership team. As Registrar Libby ensures that the College meets its obligations to students, staff and external bodies within the context of Higher Education and administrative regulatory obligations with a focus on supporting the student body to achieve success in their studies alongside COMD teams.

Libby has worked in Higher Education for over 20 years, in both private and public sectors and in a number of related roles – Chief Operating Officer, Director of Learning and Teaching, Director of Student Experience and Director of Quality Assurance.

Libby is a keen outdoor swimmer in all weather conditions and attributes salt water swimming in the British Isles to keeping healthy, active and positive.